Senator Borgeas Secures State Funding for Clovis Pedestrian Bridge In State Budget Deal

Today, Senator Andreas Borgeas (R-Fresno) announces securing funding for the Clovis Pedestrian Bridge in the recently passed State Budget deal.

“It is an honor to have been able to negotiate funding for this worthwhile project in our own backyard,” said Senator Borgeas. “Making good use of taxpayer dollars in the form of a climate friendly project like this will provide a healthy alternative pathway for the community and have an impact on our area for years to come.”

Clovis City Councilmember Bob Whalen shared, “The City of Clovis is thankful for Senator Andreas Borgeas’ continuous work and investment in our city. The funding for the Clovis Pedestrian Bridge will be used to connect our community that is currently divided by busy Highway 168.”

“This bridge will help connect medical workers, families and the greater Clovis community to the Clovis Community Medical Center and the California Health Sciences University Medical School.”

Assembly Bill 178, a California State Budget Bill, contains $2 million for the construction phase of the
and local revenue sources and go a long way towards the successful completion of the project. Governor Newsom signed AB 178 and other trailer bills in time for the state budget deadline of June 30, 2022.

The bridge will serve as a connector for the citizens of Clovis who use the outdoor trail networks extensively and link them to broader regional trails within the County of Fresno. The Pedestrian bridge will be a connector to the City’s Research and pedestrian bridge. This money will supplement the federalpage2image64140032

Technology Business Park; an area established to draw high quality employment opportunities to Clovis.

To see AB 178, please visit: Bill Text - AB-178 Budget Act of 2022. ( 

To learn more about the Clovis Pedestrian Bridge Project please visit: Clovis Pedestrian Bridge Project