Senator Borgeas Responds to Governor Newsom's State of the State

Sacramento – Senator Andreas Borgeas (R-Fresno) provided the following statement on Governor Gavin Newsom’s 2019 State of the State Address:

“I congratulate Governor Newsom on his inaugural State of the State Address. It was very encouraging to hear the long overdue recognition for Fresno and the Central Valley.  While we may have philosophical differences on some issues, there is ample common ground for us to build upon and serve the people of California.”

“California’s Environmental Quality Act has been one of the greatest impediment to affordable housing in California.  I join Governor Newsom’s desire to see meaningful CEQA reform to help address California’s housing crisis.”

“Governor Newsom also pledged to update and fix massive infrastructure projects like access to clean drinking water, water supply and conveyance.  I am optimistic for the commitments he’s made to the Central Valley, and happy to work with him and his administration to make lasting, positive change to our region.”