Senator Borgeas Protects Independent Contractors, Opposes AB 5

Sacramento – Senator Andreas Borgeas’ (R-Fresno) voted against Assembly Bill 5 (Gonzalez) which codifies the Dynamex Court decision and will wipe out dozens of industries in California.

"Economic and technological advances have spurred the creation of the gig economy giving economic opportunities to folks outside of the traditional workplace," said Senator Borgeas. "AB 5 will not only limit an individual’s ability for flexible employment, but will destroy entire industries across California. Independent contractors and small businesses are the backbone of a thriving California economy."

The Democratic supermajority shot down amendments introduced by Senator Borgeas and his Republican colleagues that would protect independent contractors.

Nearly two million workers including truckers, caterers, taxi drivers, newspaper deliverers, medical professionals, mechanics, interpreters, and other gig economy workers will lose their status as an independent contractor if AB 5 is signed by the Governor.