Senator Borgeas: "A Fiscal Cloud is Rolling in Over California"

SACRAMENTO – Senator Andreas Borgeas (R-Fresno) issued the following statement amid the troubling news of a $54.3 billion deficit projection for the state of California:

“A fiscal cloud is rolling in over California. The state is entering a recession resulting from the devastating economic impact of the Coronavirus,” said Senator Borgeas. “While this puts state leaders in a difficult position, we must urge the Governor and Legislature to prioritize our citizens’ most fundamental needs as we reignite California’s economic engine. With millions of Californians left jobless and thousands of businesses struggling to survive, we can start by eliminating burdensome civil penalties on businesses and granting legal immunity to protect them from COVID-19 lawsuits to inspire the confidence to safely reopen.

“I am proud of the workers, businesses and nonprofits that have stepped up in our community to meet this challenging occasion. We are Californians, and we can emerge stronger from this downturn if we act smartly,” added Senator Borgeas. 

Senator Borgeas recently laid out a 5-point plan in a special to CalMatters on ways  California can create a path forward to economic revival as well as a phased plan for reopening California businesses.

Governor Gavin Newsom will release the revised Budget on May 14th. Legislators in the Senate and Assembly must pass the Budget by June 15th.