Senator Borgeas on $31 Billion Surplus: “Spend it wisely”

Senator Andreas Borgeas (R-Fresno) issued the following statement in response to the Legislative Analyst’s Office report that the state will have an anticipated $31 billion surplus in the 2022-23 fiscal year:

“California’s anticipated $31 billion surplus should be directed to address our state’s most pressing challenges,” said Senator Borgeas. “California is in the midst of an unprecedented drought, yet no new above-ground water storage has been constructed in decades. The Governor and legislative leaders must consider the current circumstances and invest in above-ground water storage and infrastructure for California’s food producers.”

“We are also experiencing unprecedented wildfires, labor shortages and supply chain delays,” added Senator Borgeas. “Excess funds should be directed to encourage proper forest management, help small businesses provide incentives to new workers, and address inadequacies in California’s maritime infrastructure.”

The Legislative Analyst’s Office is the California Legislature’s nonpartisan fiscal and policy advisor.