Senate Begins to Examine California's Pandemic Response

SACRAMENTO – The Senate Special Committee on California’s Pandemic Emergency Response convened today at the State Capitol. The Committee is tasked with reviewing the successes and failures of the state’s response to the COVID-19 health crisis. The committee will make findings and recommendations for future preparatory efforts should the coronavirus escalate later in the year or if the state faces a subsequent pandemic. 

Today’s hearing focused on testing and contact tracing of the virus and included testimony from a diverse array of public health, academic and nonprofit professionals.

“While California was successful in curbing the spread of the Coronavirus in its early response efforts, we must implement ways to safely and successfully reopen our economy,” said Senator Borgeas. “Mental health hotlines have been overwhelmed as people grapple with the emotional and economic distress resulting from this pandemic. Millions of people are without jobs. We must pursue data-driven solutions to get our economy back on track and protect public health. These are not mutually exclusive priorities.”

The Committee also heard testimony from Sara Bosse, Public Health Director for Madera County, who expressed concern over lack of available testing resources and questioned if rural counties should be held to the same standards as larger urban areas of California.